Emergency appointment

We can offer you an emergency appointment within 48 hours of doctor’s order.

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041 611 09 11
(reachable daily)

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With doctor’s prescription

Physiotherapeutic procedures are normally performed on doctor’s orders. In this case the basic health insurance or accident insurance bears the full cost of therapy. This also applies for medicinal training therapy (MTT).


Without doctor’s prescription

We recommend that prior to treatment without a doctor’s prescription, you first check if your alternative or additional insurance will cover costs. Please contact us for tariff information.

Training packages

3 months6 months12 months
Subscription CHF 290.–CHF 500.–CHF 800.–
Partner Subscription CHF 520.–CHF 885.–CHF 1440.–
Seniors / Invalids / Students CHF 250.–CHF 450.–CHF 740.–
Partner Subscription Seniors / Invalids / Students CHF 460.–CHF 820.–CHF 1280.–

Introductory training – medical history (obligatory) documentation of health concerns, blood pressure and weight measurement, consultation sessions, creation of training plans


CHF 90.– per 60 minutes
(first introductory session with trainer)


CHF 50.– per 30 minutes
(second introductory session within 12 months)


After 3 months, our therapists provide a performance review (all subscriptions)

30 min.60 min.
Classic massageCHF 60.–CHF 120.–
Sport massageCHF 60.–CHF 120.–
physiotherapeutic treatment without prescriptionCHF 60.–
Travel flat rate for domicile treatmentCHF 40.-
Manual lymph drainageCHF 60.-CHF 120.-
Shock wave therapy including manual techniquesCHF 60.-
Osteopathic treatmentCHF 130.–
Craniosacral therapyCHF 65.–CHF 130.–
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