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Medicinal Training Therapy / MTT*

Medicinal training therapy is an active, physiotherapeutic and medicinal treatment concept. The accompanying and individual muscle training is a combination of therapy and training and is suitable as treatment to restore daily movement after illness or accidents.


*available for all our patients at our main practice in Stans.

Fitness and Weight Training

Our training area is perfect for your personal weight and fitness training. Targeted training improves health and well-being. Information about our subscriptions can be found here.

Our Training Area in the Center of Stans

Our training area is fitted out with the most modern equipment from ERGO-FITc and consists of a complete set of weight and fitness machines.

Digitally Supported Training with the ERGO-FIT© Vitality System

The smart card controlled VITALITY SYSTEM supplies you with all your training information and automatically documents all progress. Every machine supplies you with all the information (weight, seat adjustment, operating instructions and exercises), that you will need to train correctly.

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